Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Review : Foundation

Ahh, foundations! Such a hard thing to find a good one and stick to it. I had so much trouble finding a one that would match my skin type (mixed, oily and dry yet sensitive) and my color (light with yellow undertone). After trying on several brands, I found my perfect match!

It’s the Clinique Acne Solutions in fresh ivory.

Surprising, isn’t it? It’s not a super expensive Dior, Channel etc. It’s actually around 30$ but it works! Like many people, I do have an acne prone skin, mostly because of stress. All foundations I tried had oil or were really heavy and causing more breakouts.

This one actually has salicylic acid which treats the affected areas while you wear it. Not only does it cover well, but it actually contributes to heal the blemishes, now that is what I needed!One point to note is that it has only 0.5% of acid so it doesn’t dry your skin.
And for the coverage, it does cover well. The color blends it perfectly with my skin tone and the texture is very light, so it does not clog the pores and feel caky after a couple of hours. Also, it doesn’t smell like acne treating products, it just doesn’t have a smell.

*I did buy it and there was a promo with some added extras! I will review them later*

Pros :
-very light, does not clog pores.
-treats acne while wearing it.
-Does not dry the skin.
-Color blends in good (at least in my case).

Cons :
-Might sound stupid, but the name isn’t the most inviting.
-For people who have severe acne, I don’t think only the foundation will help, you need a full skin care routine (Clinique does have pretty good ones though!)

I hope this was helpful!

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  1. Nice! It probably won't work for me, since my skin is pretty prone to irritation (and it doesn't seem to agree with salicylic acid). :(

    Post pics of you wearing it though, I want to see! :)