Friday, October 21, 2011

Classic Lolita

I've been into Japanese fashion for about four years now. I went from more gothic to decora, to fairy-kei, to sweet lolita and now it's classic lolita that caught my eye. I still do dress more casually as a mix between boho, gyaru and mori but I deeply love classic lolita and casual classic lolita with hints of sweet.

I have always loved Rococo and I am obsessed with flower prints and it does combine my two main interests.

Here are some of my own collection :

Adelaide One Piece by Victorian Maiden

Clanbert OP by Innocent World

And I will soon recieve this gorgeous piece, Classical Bouquet Op by Victorian Maiden

My color palette is a lot more in beige and blue as you can see. I will post some pictures worn very soon. For now I'm still working on selling some pieces to re-organize my wardrobe.

Take care

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