Monday, November 14, 2011

Clarins Sale : Anna Sui!

Hello all!

Last weekend was the big Clarins warehouse sale. It takes place 2 times in the year and lasts for 2 days. Like a lot of other warehouse sales, it's a good time to snatch up some deal on a lot of beauty products, makeup, perfumes and much more!

I do go to this one because Clarins is the official distributor of Anna Sui in Quebec, and since I love this brand and this designer, it's the best time to grab a couple of things.

About the sale :
I went in the middle of the afternoon on Friday so there wasn't really that much wait at all. Temperature was not so bad but the wind was very cold. We had to wait about ten minutes to enter but we got lucky cause right after we got in line, people started coming and coming. When we left, the line was three times as long as when we got in. So I can advise to try and go during office hours if you can! it's the best time of the day to avoid long wait.

First off, I got myself a couple of eye-shadows.

Anna Sui color accent 800 (light yellow)
Anna Sui color accent S Duo 02 (beige and green)
Anna Sui color accent 102 (dark blue/green)

Then I got myself 2 blush :

Anna Sui face color accent 001 (white)
Anna Sui face color accent 301 (pink)

Since I have a lot of lipsticks and gloss, I only took one of each!

Anna Sui lip rouge S 380 (light sparkly pink)
Anna Sui lip gloss R 850 (gold)

I got some nail polish as well! So cute and sparkly and the bottle is shaped like a rose. (to match with the smell of all products!)

Anna Sui nail color N 013 (pale iridescent white/pink)
Anna Sui nail color N 320 (sparkly glittery pink)
Anna Sui nail color N 505 (sparkly gold, same as previous gloss)

And the best for last!
I always wanted to have an Anna Sui Perfume but in stores I never could find one that I liked. I took my time to pick one out this time. I do have a problem though, as perfume really don't smell the same on me at all. It's normal that perfumes differs because of skin pigments, but in my case, sometimes some turn out so weird.
After taking serious time to try them, I finally found one that I liked! Since on my skin, I have to take something light scented, I ended up going with "Flight of Fancy". I am really happy with my choice as the scent is nice on me and doesn't overpower me, which usually is the problem.
Plus, the bottle is very nice! I even kept the box.

Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy 75 ml perfume

And this is a picture of all purchases. All in all a good deal as I got this for probably around half of the retail price! Girls always get excited over designer make up on sale ;)

And there it is! I won't review all of the products in this post as it would be a bit too long, but I can recommend Anna Sui products to everyone as the quality is very good. I had the chance to try eye shadows, blush, nail polish, gloss, lipstick and powder from this brand and I was very pleased with all products. Plus, they all smell like roses, which I love!

My question now, did any of you try Anna Sui before and if yes, what was your favorite products? I am curious to know! if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

That's all for now, folks!

Take care.

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