Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Fashion is the armor with which to survive the reality of everyday life" - Bill Cunningham

Lately, I did a photoshoot with amazing photographer Erik Naumann. His concept was Fashion as an Armor. I participated as a classic lolita, which the style I mostly define myself to be. Here were my words on the matter as why lolita/fashion is my armor and how :

There are people who dress to gain attention, people who blend in a crowd, others follow trends all the time. But trying to find my own definition of fashion as armor is quite difficult as it doesn’t seem to quite fit in the above categories.

I do not wish to blend in. I love to be different, original and express myself. I guess it is a key element as I always put my own personal touch in every outfit. Although, I am a very quiet and introverted person and it is my way of expressing who I am.

It also has a lot to do with an opposition with mainstream values and ideas that are growing in today’s society. I am against hyper sexualisation and the whole party, clubs and popculture that references to that. Plus I do not fit in the beauty criteria people have nowadays. Deeply, I am more of a conservative person and will not try to expose myself to get attention. My lifestyle is more guided towards being a lady and being respectful and tasteful about myself and my clothes. I was always inspired by the Rococo and Victorian eras and I think this is why I am now more of a classic lolita as fashion is now a way for me to live this lifestyle and it is an embodiment of my femininity. It is an armor against reality, modern lifestyle which I am against. Fashion for me makes a distinct cut from normality and conformity and is a pacifist way to protest against the mold and what everyone my age seems to become to a point.

Fashion is a part of my lifestyle. I choose to wear these clothes, decorate my bedroom that way and even have more classical passions. I find way more pleasure in drinking tea, literature, movies, history than any mainstream activities. I love to be a lady and it is what makes me stand apart from the rest of people as I can express myself in a way more distinctive way. I guess to wear these clothes is just a way to stand out and avoid the people who wouldn’t understand or respect my lifestyle. I know it is a peculiar way to see it, but not only does it reflect who I am with my values, tastes and interests but it’s my way of putting an armor up against what I don’t like.

Video about Cunningham :
Erik Naumann :

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