Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Winter Photo shoot

A little bit ago, on a very very cold day, I had an outdoor photo shoot. One of my photograph friends, the very talented Esther Gibbons. We went downtown Montreal and shot around metro McGill. I was proudly wearing my Innocent World coat in dusty pink and a vintage hat. I really love the result!
And as a bonus picture, Esther snapped a photo while a woman was talking to me. She commented on my style and asked questions about it. She really insisted that I looked straight out of the 30's which I thought was very flattering. It made me think about lolita quite a lot and question my style. Isn't it true that classic lolita and vintage mix well? I always thought so and it struck me when she said that. Indeed, she was quite impressed when I said it was a japanese fashion. Anyhow, she asked me for a picture and I gladly accepted. She then showed it to me and Esther being the well trained wedding photographer that she is just knows how to snap spontaneity and that is the result!
I really hope you enjoyed it, please don't hesitate to leave comments! Take care


  1. So cute. The coat looks perfect on you.

  2. Hello!
    thank you very much, I really like that coat so I'm glad you think it looks good :)
    I would've liked to get it in the longer version, but it's a rare coat, especially in that color, so I'm still pretty lucky!